Inside two years of accepting the rein as Minister for Housing, Premila Kumar is conceding that there is an elevated level of debasement at the Housing Authority.

Addressing FBC News, and not keeping down, the Minister uncovers she was drawn nearer by numerous and examined regarding the parcels assigned to individuals in Tacirua and Wainibuku, which were at first saved for low salary workers.

Kumar says incredibly a few people had pronounced that their family unit salary was $20,000 anyway they have constructed two-story structures in these territories.

The Housing Authority is presently fixing the procedures.

Kumar says legitimate activity is presently on the cards for some unscrupulous Fijians who pronounced bogus data to secure Housing Authority parts.

“Who got this parcels, what was their salary, what their proclaimed on the paper, etc so my inquiry to the Housing Authority group was that how could you conclude who ought to get the parts and this while I have been informed that there is a framework, you put in your application the framework chooses yet I understood there is no framework and the framework doesn’t choose. So are exploring this issue, and once we have finished up the examination those candidates who lied who were not legitimate their cases will be accounted for. We will prosecute their issue”.

The Minister additionally says that some Housing Authority staff have been for quite some time associated with these degenerate practices.

“It is the individual staff who do the determination. Now and then they give the part to stroll in clients, instead of experiencing the rundown of uses they guarantee they have and than we have individuals who go to the workplace and state I have placed in an application seven years prior now when we return to the Housing Authority and state why someone or other got the parcel and we not considered and than they come to realize that their application isn’t even at Housing Authority. So it is an unmistakable sign that the staff are included and they have been offering parcels to individuals who they know and they did whatever it takes not to change the approach to make it increasingly straightforward.”

Kumar says they have archived these discoveries and have cross-checked the data with Fiji Revenue and Customs Services and the Fiji National Provident Fund.

She says they are additionally going to titles office to see whether Fijians who have been allotted parts had different properties as one of the necessities for Housing Authority is for a person to be a first property holder.

Altered by NZ Fiji Times

Image source - FBC News
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