In a nation where social and family arranges are an integral part of our regular day to day existence, being in disconnection and restricting parties can be a test for some Fijians.

Life saver Fiji group, pioneer and Counselor Jerry Merekula says the pandemic has given another go to numerous social standards.

Numerous Fijians are believed to be battling with the new standard.

“Having this pandemic is something new for us and this influences us intellectually a ton since Fiji doesn’t experience lockdowns so this is all new to us so individuals respond to this circumstances and this influences our mindset too and individuals being laid off from work and laid off from home every one of these influences an individual’s cerebrum and all so you realize this is new for us.”

He says individuals respond contrastingly to these circumstances which is the reason it is critical to consistently converse with somebody.

Altered by NZ Fiji Times

Image source - fbc news
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