A group of three from Nabua Muslim League settlement along Ratu Mara Road is at present isolated at the Navua Hospital Isolation Ward.

They were taken to Navua at the beginning of today while a contact following group is at the settlement this hour.


Fijivillage has likewise gotten affirmation that the dad of the man as of now being isolated in Navua, is in self isolate in Labasa in the wake of coming back from India.

We are likewise accepting reports that Police and Health Ministry authorities are at present at the squatter settlement in Nabua.

The man in isolate in Navua is a stylist from Suva while his significant other is a beautician. Their youngster is likewise in isolate.

We will have all the more soon.

Then four individuals from Fiji are probably going to be boycotted by India among the 300 outsiders who went to India from 16 nations, on traveler visas however went to an Islamic assemblage at Nizamuddin that has become a key hotspot for the spread of COVID-19 in the nation.

We are anticipating remarks from the Health Minister, Doctor Ifereimi Waqainabete on the whereabouts of these four individuals from Fiji, regardless of whether they have shown up in Fiji and are in self detachment and what steps are being taken presently.

Remain with us for improvements in regards to this.

Times of India has announced that India’s Union Home Ministry official has said that these outsiders were among around 8,000 individuals who went to the Tabligh-e-Jamaat at Nizamuddin Markaz office in March, huge numbers of whom have indicated manifestations of COVID-19.

Around 30 of the individuals who went to the Nizamuddin occasion in mid-March tried positive and in any event three have capitulated to the contamination over the most recent couple of days.

The Union Home service official said the individuals who went on traveler visa to India however went to the Nizamuddin occasion stands being in the boycott as they have disregarded the visa conditions. He says traveler visa holders can’t go to strict capacities. On the off chance that an outsider is placed in the Home service’s boycott, the individual in question can’t make a trip to India in future.

A sum of 281 outsiders were found by the police at the Nizamuddin grounds. They incorporate the 4 individuals from Fiji, 19 individuals from Nepal, 20 individuals from Malaysia, one from Afghanistan, 33 from Myanmar, one from Algeria, one from Djibouti, 28 from Kyrgystan, 72 from Indonesia, 7 from Thailand, 34 from Sri Lanka, 19 from Bangladesh, 3 from England, 1 from Singapore, 1 from France and 1 from Kuwait.

Image Source - Fiji village
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