Update: 5:00pm – The event was a complete success and tickets were sold out two weeks prior to the event. It was houseful and all attendances had a great experience. There were four aims of hosting the first ever Indian Inspired Pink Ribbon morning tea in New Zealand;

  • To raise funds for the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ
  • Raise Breast Cancer awareness among our Indian Community
  • To allow Indian Women to openly discuss issues that concern them even though culturally in the past it has not been acceptable to discuss such issues in public.
  • To bring the Indian Community together and allow them to partake in a Pink Ribbon breakfast which is undertaken by over 90,000 kiwis around NZ but to do so in our own way that celebrates and promotes our Indian culture and Identity.

The programme started with an address by Farah Khan who is a Partner at Khan & Associates Lawyers and Notary Public.

Farah takes a keen interest in migrant community issues, and writes extensively about culture, identity, education, women empowerment and law.

She introduced the concept of her three I’s which relate to her the keywords, Information, Inspiration and Identity.

She was the host along with Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi who is a National member of Parliament.

The Chief Guest was Hon Louise Upston, Minister of Corrections and previous Minister for Women Affairs and she gave her personal experience of her mother’s cancer.


Debra Luteneggar was the Guest spokesperson from the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ and she alluded to the importance of the funds that were being raised as well as provided the audience with information on breast cancer.

The formal part of the event was followed by a buffet style morning tea which was an Indian Fusion breakfast including Chole Bhatura, Jalebi and Masala Chai. There was also a Charity Auction at the event and the first item, a pink shawl was purchased for $200.00 by Hon Louise Upston followed by other items including paintings, jewellery and homeware totalling a sum of $630.00.

The painting were made by children aged 7 and 5, showcasing the importance of involving our young people in understanding the concept of charity and how they can contribute in the greater good of our society.

Farah wore an Indian Fusion outfit to showcase cultural integration. Her wardrobe sponsor for the event was Khazana, Indian Designer Clothing.

Our target was to raise $1000.00 however we are pleased to announce that we have raised $3630.00. I am touched by the overwhelming support of our local Indian Community. All collected from either a sponsor or an individual was donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ. The entire cost of the morning tea was covered by donations, Town and Grill being the major benefactor providing the venue and all catering free of charge.


There has been 3276 pink ribbon breakfasts were held around the country this year out of which our Indian Inspired pink ribbon breakfast ranked 15th on the leader board. This ranking is based on the funds raised at the breakfast. A total of $1,035,691.00 has been raised from Pink Ribbon Events this year.

Five things you need to know about breast cancer;

  • Its not just a grandmas disease, and your deodorant doesn’t cause it.
  • Early detection is not a cure.
  • Its not always a lump.
  • Breast Cancer isn’t just one disease.
  • Men can get breast cancer too.

It is important for women to know their breasts and report any changes from the age of 20 years to their Doctor. The government provides free annual mammograms for women with no symptoms aged between 45 and 69 years.


There will be other such events working towards supporting a number of charitable organisations and raising community awareness.

Report By: Farah Khan – Event organizer 

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