On Monday morning what appeared to be shotgun pellet marks could be seen on the exterior of the Napier Health Centre on Wellesley Street.

A spent cartridge was also visible on the ground.


A witness told Stuff they saw a group of Black Power gang members outside the centre. The group began shouting before a shot was fired at a car which the witness believed contained Mongrel Mob members.

Two cars were seen driving away at speed after the shot was discharged.

The shooting is understood to be the culmination of several gang-related incidents across the city on Sunday.

It’s understood that some gang members went to the medical centre wanting to see someone they believed to be there.

When staff told them to leave they left but returned in a car a short time later and fired at least one shot from a shotgun.

The centre is open.

Police responded to a disorder incident outside the centre at 7.30pm.

A police spokesperson said there was an unsubstantiated report of a shot being heard.

Those involved in the incident had left the scene by the time police arrived and no one is reported to have been hurt.

Hawke’s Bay District Health Board spokesperson Anna Kirk said she was aware of an incident but had no further details.

No one had presented to the Emergency Department following the episode.

Source - rnz
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