It seems that these days fearmongering, and propagating fake unsolicited information on social media has become the new norm.

One such post was made by one Shailendra G Raju who posted “Jacinda Arden. We are shocked with your decision to avoided meeting Sitiveni Ligamamada Rabuka who has 45% of the votes in Fiji”


The New Zealand Fiji Times contacted honorable Sitiveni Rabuka to see if this claim was valid.

Hon. Rabuka said that this was not true. The meeting was arranged by the protocol office of the Fiji foreign affairs and the senior officers of the caucus were meeting her. Hon Rabuka was not able to meet her as he was in Australia.

New Zealand Fiji Times recommends its readers and followers to please verify the source of any post they read as it does nothing more than creating fear and instability. Please check before you post and reason before you believe such disjointed rumblings of internet crusaders.

Hon. Jacinda Arden made her first official visit to Fiji in her capacity as the prime minister of New Zealand.


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