The Fiji National Provident Fund has cautioned bosses that it will make a move against those COVID-19 part withdrawals that have been adulterated.

Acting Chief Executive Officer, Viliame Vodonaivalu says the Fund saw an increment in the quantity of Phase 3 applications got for the diminished compensation rate choice that qualifies a part for a single amount installment of $550 or $1,100, contingent upon the level of pay rate decline.

The FNPF is encouraging individuals and managers not to conspire or take part in such false exercises.

Vodonaivalu says in the event that anybody is discovered participating in such practices, they should confront the law.

He says bosses are mentioned to be straightforward with the applications.

The Acting CEO says their confirmation measures remembers checks for individuals’ commitments and they can check whether the part’s compensation has not changed.

He says this is of extraordinary concern, especially if the part is getting to the full government top up endowment.

Stage 3 Round 4 Cycle 2 installment is booked for one week from now thirteenth April 2021, and the cutoff time for applications is eighth April 2021.

The Fund likewise gave an early installment for Phase 2 Round 5 individuals a week ago, which was initially planned for now. Installments for individuals keeping money with ANZ, BSP and Westpac were handled a week ago while individuals managing an account with Bred Bank, Bank of Baroda and HFC will get their assets tomorrow.

Individuals selecting the M-PAISA and Post Fiji Bill Pay will get their installment this week.

A few individuals didn’t get their installment as the individuals were initially auto-enrolled yet the application was dropped as a FNPF commitment was gotten. The part should reapply on the portable application or through their boss.

The Fund says in different cases, the individuals had re-applied and the check cycle is continuous. Whenever endorsed, the individuals will be paid in the following Phase 2 installment cycle on twentieth April 2021.

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