Three men allegedly stole a fibreglass boat belonging to the Ministry of Health in Kadavu


Three men who purportedly took a fiberglass vessel having a place with the Ministry of Health in Kadavu have been remanded in guardianship by the Suva Magistrates Court.

Inoke Bolakoro, Simione Kasanawaqa and Aceni Ravuwaka are accused of a tally every one of burglary.

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The three supposedly took a fiberglass vessel, two fuel tank and a motor from the Vunisea Hospital.

Ravuwaka is accused of another check of robbery for purportedly taking the propeller of the Police Boat FPB Kadavu.

Kasanawaqa is additionally accused of ownership of illegal medications as he was purportedly found with 0.4 grams of maryjane.

The supposed episodes happened on the 27th of October.

Police examiners had led an assault at Naikorokoro and Namuana Village where they recouped the Police pontoon propeller and gear answered to have been put away installed the fiberglass vessel having a place with the Vunisea Hospital.

The case has been dismissed to the eleventh of November.

-Fiji Village
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