In France after picking groceries in the supermarket, a Niqabi sister stood in the line to pay. After a few minutes, her turn came up at the checkout counter.

The checkout girl was a non-Hijaabi Arab Muslim girl, began to scan the items of the Niqabi sister one by one, and after a while looked at her with arrogance and said: ”We have many problems in this country & your Niqab is one of them! We immigrants are here for trade and not to show our Deen or history.


If you want to practice your Deen and wear Niqaab then go back to your Arab country and do whatever you want.” The Niqaabi sister stopped putting her groceries in the bag and lifted up her Niqaab. The checkout girl was in total shock.

The Niqabi girl who was blonde with blue eyes told her: “I am a French girl, not an Arab immigrant. This is my country and THIS IS MY ISLAM. You born Muslims sold your Deen and we bought it from you.”

Source: Unknown

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