The Social Democratic Liberal Party currently needs the Parliamentary award to go directly to the gathering account and not to choose SODELPA MPs.

FBC News located correspondence from SODELPA Leader Viliame Gavoka to the Speaker of Parliament, mentioning that their parliamentary office and SODELPA’s fundamental office be accountable for the award.

The Parliamentary Grant are reserves assigned to chose ideological groups in Parliament and are explicitly for the regulatory requirements and working of the Parliamentary workplaces which are involved by the three ideological groups

The letter dated 03rd March 2021, states that the SODELPA Management Board settled last Friday that the Party oversee, administer and represent the assets.

Gavoka says this will take into account the compelling, productive and straightforward capacity of the Party’s parliamentary jobs He proceeds to say that previous correspondence from the Supervisor of Elections has given direction that the public authority award is considered gathering subsidizing from a legitimate source as affirmed under Section 21B of the Political Parties Registration Act.

Before the end of last year, some SODELPA MPs guaranteed the award was being utilized by the gathering office to pay staff and different costs like scenes for gatherings.

This in any case, was discredited by General Secretary Emele Duituturaga.

Gavoka says the correspondence lets go a subject that has been under dispute for quite a while.

FBC News has sent inquiries to SODELPA General Secretary Emele Duituturaga. furthermore, obligations.

-Fbc News
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