Wellbeing Minister Dr Ifereimi Waqainabete says everything looks good to redirect state financing to different investigations in the clinical field.

He says there are more specialists in Fiji today, following six years of financing by the Tertiary Scholarship and Loans Board.

We have arrived at a minimum amount regarding our PCPs. Around 4-5 years back, there were around 400 specialists. As I talk now, there are almost at least 1,000 than 1,000 specialists.”

Dr Waqainabete says with current degrees of staffing, the Ministry has enough prepared and qualified specialists to meet the World Health Organization benchmark.

He does, in any case, need to put more zero in on preparing the pool of specialists.

The Ministry of Health means to help the chance of preparing specialists so we have gone truly into a spot where we are starting to get the quantity of specialists and we need to improve the nature of specialists we have.”

In the interim, there are presently 790 understudies on TSLB grants and credits concentrating to become specialists and dental specialists.

They are relied upon to graduate and join the clinical calling in four years.

-FBC News
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