The Lautoka Football Association is keen on the Suva scoring machine and they are certain the 24-year-old will wear the Blue pullover this year.

Lautoka FA Vice-President Abdul Kadar affirms they are keen on Nalaubu.

Sairusi Nalaubu was with Lautoka football previously so he, when all is said and done, had demonstrated revenue in Lautoka football so we have just applied for his delivery so we should perceive what it comes to”.

Notwithstanding, Suva FA President Ritesh Pratap says Nalaubu is ineligible for move according to his agreement.

Sairusi should go to Lautoka however right now he has an agreement with us he’s agreement term terminates in 2022 so according to the standards from Fiji Football he can’t have any significant bearing for his delivery, Lautoka sent an email in regards to us to give agree for them to cause an arrangement with Sairusi yet we to have declined their advantage”.

Yet, Kadar adds Nalaubu’s agreement is invalid and that is the reason they are after him.

Kadar says on the off chance that it doesn’t turn out in support of themselves, at that point Lautoka will go for question where Fiji FA will settle on a choice.

-FBC News
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