WORLD NEWS: Murder charges against three sisters who stabbed their ‘rapist’ father


Russian agents have would not drop murder allegations against three sisters who cut their ‘attacker’ father to death while he dozed.

Krestina, Angelina and Maria Khachaturyan – matured 19, 18 and 17 when they murdered Mikhail Khachaturyan, 57, in July 2018 – said they endured long stretches of ‘torment and sexual maltreatment’ from their ‘controlling pedophile father’.

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They were accused of homicide yet after open objection the Moscow examiner’s office dropped the charges in January, deciding that the murdering was ‘important self-protection.’

In any case, a legal advisor for one of the ladies has told the BBC that Russia’s insightful board of trustees has since dismissed the examiner’s finding.

Legal counselor Alexei Lipser said he accepts the insightful panel’s dismissal of the investigator’s discoveries could prompt delayed legitimate wrangling.

‘Officially, the insightful council directed an extra examination however arrived at a similar resolution [as previously, that the first homicide accusation still stands],’ Lipser told the BBC.

‘It appears the request from above continues as before … Presently, either the agents need to concur with the examiner and change the charge [to self-defence] or it continues ping-ponging to and fro.’

He included that he doesn’t accept the examiner will change his position on the grounds that there has been no new proof.

The case can’t go to preliminary except if the two gatherings concur on the charges.

The sisters had assaulted their dad with his chasing blade, a mallet and pepper shower, later charging that he had held them prisoner in their own home and exposed them to horrendous sexual maltreatment.

The investigator’s office found the young ladies endured ‘beating, steady embarrassment, dangers and misuse, physical and sexual brutality’ and this had molded them to ‘secure themselves using any and all means.’

A specialists’ report stated: ‘He requested them to get uncovered before him, saying that he needed to “check” them. At that point requested them to jerk off him, saying that he had issues with his prostate and it would be a fix.’

Furthermore, he ‘manhandled and mortified’ them ‘with different weapons’.

Mikhail Khachaturyan kept a variety of weapons in his vehicle, including a shotgun, pistols and a crossbow. He was all around associated with both senior Russian authorities and criminal supervisors, nearby reports said.

Their mom, who fled the home to spare herself, has recently told the BBC she submitted numerous questions to the police during the time of misuse yet was excused by officials.

.Proof from the examiner had uncovered that Mikhail Khachaturyan let one know of his ‘panicked’ girls: ‘You will replace your mom. I will wed you and you will bring forth my child.’

The stunning case had transfixed Russia and in excess of 350,000 individuals marked an appeal requesting the sisters ought not confront murder accusation.

Albeit, a few family members had asserted the Khachaturyan father was not the monstrosity that his little girls depicted.

Two of the three, Krestina and Angelina, had confronted prison for somewhere in the range of eight and 20 years.

This most recent curve for the situation, again leaves that prison time hanging over their heads.

A court has just decided that Maria, at that point 17, didn’t comprehend her activities when she was a piece of the affirmed ‘gathering’ connivance slaughter their ‘mafia manager’s dad.

Accordingly Maria would not have confronted prison paying little heed to any decision.

The sisters have been living independently in Moscow while they anticipate preliminary, as per the BBC, and are not allowed to get in touch with one another.

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